Our Portfolio


+ The Arch Mission Foundation

The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to preserve and spread humanity’s most important data through great distances in time and space. We are sponsoring in-house and external R&D at universities and third-party labs, to develop new storage technologies (optical, DNA, quantum, etc.) that can support our strategic roadmap and timeline.

+ Augmented Reality Holdings

Broad IP portfolio for AR, VR & MR Dozens of issued patents, pending patents and continuations, and provisional patents; constantly growing. Extensive coverage of the key software mechanisms for interacting with virtual objects; also covers emerging AR/MR hardware and applications.


BIOME is a full-stack virtual reality teaching solution for the classroom; designed to be sold across the worldwide educational market. Strategic partners that provide us with Unique access to this market.


BLOCKTAG is a new IoT technology for connecting physical objects to the blockchain.

+ Fuzionaire

Fuzionaire is a molecular science lab. With origins in discoveries made at the Caltech laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Robert Grubbs, our applied research based on our alkali metal catalysts and reagents create never-before-possible opportunities in medicine, energy, and materials.

+ Fuzionaire Diagnostics

Fuzionaire Diagnostics is a radiopharmaceutical company. Powered by new alkali metal chemistry that can radiolabel disease-targeting ligands at record-breaking speed and at ambient temperature, we aim to help unlock the power of PET to detect and treat any disease.


MYXR is a SaaS marketing platform that helps brands engage with consumers via augmented reality on smartphones. Proprietary platform and apps combines location-awareness, AR, loyalty points, and rewards campaigns, to drive consumer behavior and optimize engagement.


VIZZER is a new consumer app for publishing and sharing augmented reality content

+ WhoKnows

SaaS enterprise platform for recruiting & retaining talent powered by machine learning. WhoKnows is venture funded; Magical is an investor and advisor.