Our Portfolio


+ The Arch Mission Foundation

The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to preserve and spread humanity’s most important data through great distances in time and space. We are sponsoring in-house and external R&D at universities and third-party labs, to develop new storage technologies (optical, DNA, quantum, etc.) that can support our strategic roadmap and timeline.

+ Augmented Reality Holdings

Broad IP portfolio for AR, VR & MR Dozens of issued patents, pending patents and continuations, and provisional patents; constantly growing. Extensive coverage of the key software mechanisms for interacting with virtual objects; also covers emerging AR/MR hardware and applications.


BLOCKTAG is a new IoT technology for connecting physical objects to the blockchain.


MYXR is a SaaS marketing platform that helps brands engage with consumers via augmented reality on smartphones. Proprietary platform and apps combines location-awareness, AR, loyalty points, and rewards campaigns, to drive consumer behavior and optimize engagement.


VIZZER is a new consumer app for publishing and sharing augmented reality content

+ WhoKnows

SaaS enterprise platform for recruiting & retaining talent powered by machine learning. WhoKnows is venture funded; Magical is an investor and advisor.